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Salt Spring Island presents
...Organic Planet Soap~!
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Pure and Natural Soap with a difference... We take cleanliness to a higher level

Freshly hand cut blended bars
approximately 75 grams each

Using 100% pure aromatherapeutic essential oils and healing herbs, we bring you a top quality, luxurious soap with more in mind than just scrupulous cleanliness.  Not your average bar of soap, this is soap with a purpose!  Each bar is specifically created with the appropriate essential oils and herbs to soothe not only your skin but also your mind.

All of our handmade blends are enriched with soothing Vitamin 'e' and organic ingredients (most often grown right in our own garden) are used whenever available.

Made by hand in small batches with the purest available ingredients including cocoa butter, beeswax, olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, avocado oil,  organic honey and a lye that originates from sea water.  Our processing method ensures that the natural glycerin is retained in our soap for a gentler, more moisturizing bar.  With no chemical or animal by-products nor any animal testing we do it the old fashioned way because...

                                                ~ if it's good for the Planet, it's good for you.

Nine different uniquely blended bars ~ Something for everyone on the Planet
Herbal Infused Hand Cut Bars

Honeyflower Oat Moss ~ Back to nature for seriously sensitive skin.  This fragrance free bar blends ground *chamomile, *oatmeal, *flax & *irish moss to help soothe and calm cranky or irritable skin.  Added *honey is a natural humectant.   Baby friendly too!

CDN $ 5.00

Citrus Sunrise ~ Wake up sleepyheads!  Energize your morning with this refreshing blend of lemon, lime, orange & grapefruit oils.  *Calendula, *horsetail & *orange peel soothe and lend antibacterial action.  *Basil helps to refresh the spirit and clear the mind so you can focus.   A great way to greet the day ~ Carpe Diem!

CDN $ 7.00

Flower Power ~ Calm the mind and soothe the scattered soul with this peaceful, balancing oasis of essential oils and flowers of *rose, *lavender, jasmine, *rosemary, *geranium & ylang ylang.  This blessedly blissful scent is perfect for the end of a long day.  ~Ohm.

CDN$ 6.00

Lemon Licorice Lick Me ~ *Fennel & *anise seed exfoliate while *chamomile, *mullein & lemongrass soothe upset skin.  Oils of anise, fennel, lemongrass & tea tree provide antiseptic, antibacterial & antifungal properties.  Just what the doctor ordered  for rebellious or stressed out skin.  Smells yummy too!

CDN $7.00

Peppermint E-Splash~ Peppermint & Eucalyptus oils to tingle your senses and clear your head with finely ground  *peppermint & Irish moss for gentle exfoliation in a soothing olive oil bar.  Bracing and fresh like a fresh ocean breeze~!

CDN $5.00

Why use natural soap products? 
                                          ~ A good question!....

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and as much a filter for your system as is the liver and kidneys.  You can't put toxic substances like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Cocamide DEA (present in most commercial soap products) into the body's filtration system without adverse affects.  The journal of American College of Toxicology reports that these toxins are easily absorbed into your skin and build up in the body's organs even if they are rinsed off after use.  Years ago I began my soap making journey after researching toxic chemicals and not finding a product with which I could feel comfortable washing my own children. I had studied aromatherapy and herbalism in the years preceeding my soap making study and was happy to have a body into which I could put the principals of aromatherapeutic and herbal healing to practice.   After much experimentation and of a Mother's love... these products were born~! 
I now offer them to you.... 

* Indicates organic ingredient
Prices of the soap are varied in accordance with the prices of the ingredients used in each formula.

our amazing Spa Bars ~ Pamper yourself at a fraction of the price of a spa visit~!
Midwinter Spice ~ Every body's favourite and back by popular demand... this luscious spa bar has *ground coffee to exfoliate dry skin with essential oils of cinnamon, clove, ginger & black pepper to warm skin and stimulate cirulation.  Great for polishing dull winter skin, shaving or after a cold day outdoors.  Delicious spicy fragrance is intoxicating~!
CDN $7.00
Coconut Beach Beauty~ Midwinter Spice's summer sister!  *Coconut and pure ground pumice do the exfoliating here, while ground *vanilla bean, vanilla oil and coconut milk lend a breezy tropical scent and soothe parched skin.  Great for beach vacations, shaving or before applying instant tan lotions. Look out sugar scrub, here comes the bar~!
CDN $6.00
our Gardener's Bars ~ A couple of hard working bars for us who get down & dirty~!
The Dirty Gardener ~ For the ground-in, down-to-earth types ~ like us!  With ground *coffee & *orange peel to exfoliate with  *horsetail & tea tree oil for antibacterial, antifungal protection.  We've also added sweet orange oil to lift the spirits of the weary gardener (or painter or mechanic...)  Now you can go ahead ~ and get dirty~!
CDN $ 6.00
The Garden Goddess ~ The Dirty Gardener's Muse~!  *Ground coffee &  *orange peel exfoliate with tea tree & rosemary oils for antibacterial, antifungal.  Toss in some french lavendar & zesty lemon oil to relax and refresh~!  Get your Goddess On~!
CDN $ 7.00

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